What will the weather(ing) be like?

Well, I’ve taken my time. I’ve looked at countless pictures of TTA wagons online. I’ve used some but not all of the transfers that I have and I am done.

I do feel I need to seal the transfers with a light coat of gloss varnish before turning them matt again but I shall do that later. At the moment, the transfers are quite delicate so I am handling the wagons with great care.

Now it’s just enough to pose and feel happy.

If you spot an error – don’t tell me, I’m far to sensitive at the moment!



And then I’ll have to weather them – aaaargh!

SPV Madness nearly over.

The building of the SPV took a turn for the worst recently when the transfers I was applying disintegrated in front of my eyes as IĀ applied them to the model. I thought I had done something wrong, however, I discussed this with my modelling chums and took some comfort from knowing that I might not have been the only one to experience this.

Feeling that I needed to carry on, I ordered a set of CCT transfers from railtec models and some alphabet sheets to finish the job. Their service is excellent and the transfers were soon with me.


To be honest there are a couple of little transfers missing such as the vehicle weight. If I find some of these in due course I will add them to the model.

I now need to weather the SPV and will add it to the list of other models awaiting some weathering.


Walk this Way!

The work on the TTA wagons continues…

I was able to borrow a hold and fold device from my friend Kelvin Barnes and this tool helped me to bend and form the walk ways which fit around the filling cap on the TTA wagons.

I’m not a big fan of etched brass and was worried about spoiling my kits with the final stages. I think I may have just about got away with it!

After bending the etched brass pieces in the right places, I gave them a coat of acrylic primer. Once this was dry, I sprayed the pieces with the same colour used on the tanks.


The pieces were stuck to the wagons with small drops of slow drying superglue. I applied this with the tip of a cocktail stick.

The next stage will be fitting the end ladders, after which I shall apply the decals.

Morlock Heath goes to Hellesdon

We were privileged to take Morlock Heath to the annual Norwich model Railway Exhibition held at Hellesdon High School.

After a few outings with pre-tops rolling stock and engines, this outing saw the layout returned to its normal dutch livery stock and maintenance wagons. I did however, sneak a few other items onto the layout later in the day when operating got a little more self-indulgent!

I was also pleased to receive my BR Parcel DMU back from Kelvin Barnes who did a stunning job weathering the model for me.

Here’s a few pictures taken today – 7 April 2018


While we were all together, Kelvin and Graham also sat me down and informed me of their next project. I was very surprised to hear what they had in mind but I didn’t go mad. The last thing we need is a war zone…